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As the population of seniors and adults suffering with mental illness, disabilities, and other health issues continues to grow, there is an overwhelming demand for safe housing and quality health care. This is why the residential home care market is one of the fastest growing industries around. Many people dream of starting their own adult foster care or group home facility, but have no idea of where to begin.

As an author, consultant, and business owner, Ebony Strother has helped others get started in this purpose-driven and financially lucrative residential home care industry. If you want to get started and thrive in the adult care business, book a strategy call with Ebony and take notes as she shares valuable lessons from her over 22 years in the business

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Ebony Strother

Meet Ebony

"My Goal is to help you get started with your Residential Care Facility."

My name is Ebony Strother and it is my desire is to help others make their dreams come to true. For the past ten years I have ran a successful adult foster care program and it has provided my family and I with some amazing opportunities. Over the years I have met some wonderful people who would love to get into the business but had no idea where to start. I have helped numerous people become group home and Adult foster care homeowners. During these trying times there is a tremendous need for homes to accommodate the growing population of seniors and adults suffering with mental illness, disabilities, or other health issues that require nice yet safe housing along with amazing quality care.

Unfortunately, when I first started there was no one to really guide me which caused me to make a lot of mistakes. I did not have a lot of help or hardly any resources to tap into. This caused for my husband and I to research on our own and learn from our mistakes. We even worked in group homes for years so we could truly learn this business. Over time we corrected our mistakes, become efficient in this field and started to experience success. With my combined knowledge and expertise, I would like to walk you through a few steps to help you get started.

New Ebook

Quick Start 5 Step Guide to Learning to Operate Your Own Residential Care Facility

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Ebony Strother

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Quick Start 5 Step Guide To Learning How to Operate Your Own Residential Care Facility

About the Book

Learn How to Operate Your Own Adult Foster Care Home, Group Home or Room & Board

Have you wanted to open your own group home or adult foster care?

Are you interested in an alternative way to utilize your real estate investment property?

If you answered yes to  any of these questions, then this manual is for you!

Within the pages of this eBook, you will find the basics on operating your own group home and adult foster care home.

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This is a great book. An easy read and a great guide for someone interested in starting a group home, but not sure where to start. Ebony Strother is very knowledgeable and shares priceless information that could only be known from personal experience.

Darcell Henrickson

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Do you want to know how to start a group home and to be walked through this overwhelming process? Ebony Strother & Associates offers private consultations to help your start and grow a successful residential group home. This can be via Zoom or over the phone. 

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